ANZ helped keep event attendees connected at the recent KangaNews Debt Capital Markets Summit by providing a secure phone station at the event.

These functions provide a great opportunity for networking and engagement.

This means that delegates rely heavily on mobile phones — and a safe, secure charging solution is crucial.

ChargedAs’ free-to-use phone charging stations keep delegates on-site for longer, preventing early exits that could otherwise occur if phone batteries run low.

ANZ’s Eileen Taber noted after the bank first worked with ChargedAs at the 2019 debt capital markets summit that “the clients loved being able to lock and leave their phones in a secure charger.”

We got similar feedback at this month’s conference, at which the multinational banking and financial services company was again a key sponsor.

ANZ’s stand at the 2019 KangaNews Debt Capital Markets Summit.

Many clients tell us they have seen an increase in engagement, thanks to more attendees being able to go online without their phone batteries running low.

Charged phones enable attendees to stay updated and experience more of the event.

With delegates encouraged to engage through apps and social media, it’s inevitable that device batteries will run low. 

Staying charged allows attendees to run these apps throughout the day, without the worry of phone batteries going flat.

Some event organisers like to cover hire costs by selling the phone charging station advertising space to sponsors and other advertisers.

They wrap the charging lockers in eye-catching brand designs as video messages play ads on loop throughout the event.

Others event organisers like to build brand trust by displaying their branding on the stations. 

We wrapped ANZ’s phone charging station in the bank’s distinctive branding. The results are striking.