ChargedAs is boosting brands across Aotearoa New Zealand with our customisable phone charging stations. Here’s how:

1. Brands reach new audiences

NZ brands are reaching new audiences by advertising on our secure charging lockers — which can be wrapped in branding as the built-in 19″ LCD screens play video messages on loop.

You can promote your organisation on our units to raise brand awareness and we keep advertising panels for regular clients to use again at no extra cost. Or you can sell the ad space to third parties, such as sponsors, to cover the cost of hiring our charging lockers — or even turn a cash positive. ChargedAs takes no profit from on-sales.

2. ChargedAs revenue-raising partnerships

ChargedAs supports businesses, charities and other organisations with revenue-raising partnerships.

We set up pay to use charging stations for free and share revenue with clients. Maintenance and tech support are both complimentary too. Phone charging costs users the price of a cuppa, so they’ve proven very popular!

3. Drive foot traffic and engagement

Our clients have reported increases in foot traffic and engagement at events and venues with our phone charging stations.

An independent study by Ink found 82% of shoppers said the fact the retailer provided the ChargeBox Prime lockers we supply influenced their decision to visit, 92% of users felt positively or very positively towards the brand providing this “shop and lock” option and 72% indicated they would return to the store because of these units.

4. Increase dwell time and spend

Our charging stations are proven to drive dwell time and spend.

The Ink study recorded a 133% increase in spend from customers, a 28% rise in basket size and in-store dwell time was up 104%.

5. Build brand trust

ChargedAs guarantees the safety and security of all phones locked in our charging stations — and we’ve never had a phone reported lost, stolen or damaged in the five years we’ve been operating.

That’s why users come back again and again to venues with our phone charging stations, building trust in the brands that provide them and/or sponsor them.

Contact ChargedAs today to get these benefits for your brand: Email, phone 0275 320 813 or complete our Contact Us form.