Data privacy

At ChargedAs we believe in the highest standards of data privacy for our end-users and clients.

Our ChargeBox phone charging stations are designed to in a way to ensure we have no need to know anything about you when using any of our charging stations.

This applies to any of our pay-to-use or free-to-use stations.

What data is collected when I use a charging station?

No personal data is collected. The device plugged in may identify itself with its manufacturer id, model and serial number, which we may store for internal statistical and quality improvement purposes. No phone number or SIM card data is ever exchanged, and we will never attempt to access any other data stored on the device.

What about Volty Powerbank stations?

We respect Volty Powerbank users’ privacy and are committed to protecting personal data in line with applicable laws and industry standards and practices.

For a full breakdown of the Volty privacy policy, go to the link highlighted here.

What data is collected when I contact ChargedAs?

If you contact ChargedAs via our website, email, or phone we will use the information you have provided to ensure we can respond to your query and future queries accordingly. We do not use this data for anything other than ensuring we deal appropriately with the request you have made of us. We do not sell this data to third parties, and never would. We will store the data for an indeterminate amount of time to ensure we have dealt with the query correctly, and/or to contact you in the future if the need arises.

What data is collected when I just visit the ChargedAs website?

Like just about all websites, we use Cookies (small text files stored on your computer) to improve the user experience and to monitor how our site is used so we can improve it. We also use Google Analytics, an analytics service provided by Google, to assist this, and some anonymised data will be transferred to servers owned by Google Inc. for this purpose. We do not attempt to gain any personal information from our users (except where information is specifically supplied through a form to contact us, see above). You may delete any cookies at any time of course. You may also refuse the use of cookies on your browser, although this may impact the functionality of the web-site. You may also download tools from Google to block the usage of Google Analytics.