ChargedAs guarantees the security of all phones and other devices left in our charging stations, along with safe charging.

Since ChargedAs established in 2017, no one has ever reported a phone lost, stolen or damaged in our lockers. That’s despite providing thousands of safe charges.

All our charging stations feature a key-based SmartLock system that ChargeBox engineers developed to protect against theft after finding a PIN-based system failed to do so. The system in our ChargeBox Primes also ensures we have a complete audit trail for added security protection.

Not all charging station companies guarantee safe charging. But ChargedAs does because our lockers’ premium system delivers a quality service, including connectivity that enables us to deliver software updates to all components in these stations that would otherwise require an engineer.

Safety is our priority

So you don’t get the problems people face with other options, such as USB ports, which are insecure, unsafe and can be prone to malware intrusion and faults because they’re not managed.

Safety is our priority and our Volty Powerbank stations also come with a safety feature for people whose phone batteries have gone dead flat.

Each station has free backup cables attached to it. These slowly charge dead phones just enough to scan and pop out the power banks — which provide a much faster charge.

These complimentary cables aren’t designed to fully charge your phone, but they will get you out of trouble.

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