ChargedAs’ phone charging stations are proven to drive foot traffic, dwell time, engagement and spend.

An independent study by Ink found retailers with our secure ChargeBox Prime units saw a 133% increase in spend from customers.

Key findings: 56% of customers using this free-to-use charging service spent money while their phones were charging, 39% bought products and 17% told Ink they were planning on spending money on food and drinks.

Another 32% said they could carry on shopping — which they wouldn’t have done if their phone battery was running low.

Researchers also found 72% of customers who used these charging lockers indicated they would return to them again because they’re so happy with the service.

And 92% of users felt positively or very positively towards the brand providing these “shop and lock” phone charging stations.
ChargedAs guarantees safe, secure charging: We guarantee safe charges and the security of all devices left in our lockers — unlike charging stations with PIN numbers and USB ports, which offer an unreliable charge and sometimes don’t work.
Since ChargedAs established nearly five years ago, no one has ever reported their phone stolen, lost or damaged in our lockers. That’s despite providing thousands of safe charges.
Building brand trust: We not only build brand trust with safe and secure charging, we also do so by providing lockers with advertising space.
Clients can promote their brand on the advertising spaces or sell the ad space to third parties, such as sponsors, to cover hiring costs — or even turn a cash positive.
Not only can our ChargeBox Prime charging stations be wrapped in advertising, each unit also features 19″ LCD screens that can play brand messages on loop.
ChargedAs uploads videos to the stations at no cost to clients.
Delivery is also free to long-term clients on the North Island mainland. We also set up all lockers for clients at no cost to them.

Want this customer experience at your venue? Contact ChargedAs: 

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