More phone battery life means greater exposure for events, with more likes and shares on social media.

ChargedAs’ phone charging stations encourage audiences to stay longer, preventing early exits.

Event-goers often tell us they were worried they’d run out of phone battery before spotting our stations.

Kiwi rock icon Jordan Luck (pictured) loves our lockers and told us he could’ve done with our charging stations when he was gigging with pop star Bryan Adams!ChargedAs owner shows rocker Jordan Luck how to use our phone charging stations.

ChargedAs guarantees the security and safety of all phones left in our lockers — and no user has ever reported their phones lost, stolen or damaged in the five years we’ve been in business.

Our phone charging stations feature a key-based SmartLock system developed by maker Chargebox’s designers to protect against theft.

This secure system helps to build brand trust, and our lockers raise brand awareness with interactive advertising.

Our secure stations can be wrapped in any branding clients want, and they drive foot traffic, dwell time, engagement and more.
You can promote your brand or sell the ad space to third parties, such as sponsors, to cover the cost of hiring our charging stations — or even turn a cash positive.
Contact ChargedAs today to get this secure service at your venue or event: Email, phone 0275 320 813 or complete our Contact Us form.