ChargedAs guarantees the security of all phones and other devices left in our charging stations.

Since ChargedAs established in 2017, there has never been any phone theft, damage or loss reported to us. That’s despite providing thousands of safe charges!

We recognise that people are entrusting us with an essential amenity, and many phones don’t come cheap. So security is key.

All our charging stations feature a key-based SmartLock system developed by designers at ChargeBox to protect against theft after finding a PIN-based system wasn’t theft-proof.

The system in our ChargeBox Primes ensures we have a complete audit trail to prove or disprove any issue relating to security, giving our clients peace of mind.

We also guarantee a safe charge with all phones — something that not all charging station companies will do.

We have to earn the trust of the end users, and we do that by focusing on the quality of the delivery.

Users will soon notice if there are connectivity issues — as can happen with other charging services such as USB ports, which are insecure, unsafe and can be prone to faults and malware intrusion.

Our ChargedBox Primes offer a premium safe charge, resulting in a quality connectivity that enables us to deliver software updates to all components in these stations that would otherwise require an engineer.

It also means the lockers never see a problem of a station not working because of an Apple iPhone iOS update, or similar.

Contact ChargedAs today to get this secure service at your venue or event: Email, phone 0275 320 813 or complete our Contact Us form.