ChargedAs supports businesses, charities and other organisations with revenue-raising partnerships via our secure phone charging stations.

We provide pay to use stations for free and share revenue with clients.

Our free-to-use lockers can be fully wrapped in branding and feature in-built 19″ LCDs that play brand video messages on loop.

When you hire these charging stations from us, you can sell the advertising space on to third parties, such as sponsors.

This typically covers hire costs, and some organisations make a profit on the sale.

ChargedAs isn’t involved in this process, we just provide the stations.

The profits from advertising sales are yours to keep.

ChargedAs guarantees phone security

With both free-to-use and pay-to-use stations, we conduct complimentary maintenance checks.

It’s one of the reasons why ChargedAs guarantees that users’ phones will get a safe charge.

We also guarantee the security of all devices left in our secure phone charging stations.

In the nearly five years since I founded ChargedAs, we’ve provided thousands of charges across Aotearoa New Zealand.

No phones have ever been reported lost, stolen or damaged since we launched.

Our solutions also help organisations drive foot traffic, engagement, dwell time and more!

Check out our client testimonials in the video below: