ChargedAs takes care of everything for clients, so they can just enjoy the benefits of our safe and secure phone charging stations!
From set-up, to delivery to maintenance and technical support, it’s all part of the ChargedAs service — at no extra cost to clients.
If you hire a free-to-use charging station, ChargedAs takes care of printing advertising wraps and uploading video ads.
Clients who choose this option can turn a profit by selling the station’s advertising space to third parties, like sponsors. ChargedAs makes no profit out of this.
We share revenue with clients on pay-to-use lockers, which we regularly service — again, at no cost to clients. These stations are FREE to have for all clients.
ChargedAs does all of this because supporting other NZ businesses is an essential part of our ethos.
We guarantee safe and secure phone charging. ChargedAs has provided thousands of safe charges since establishing nearly five years ago, but there have been NO reports of phones being stolen, damaged or lost in our lockers.
Contact ChargedAs today to get this customer experience at your venue: Email phone 0275 320 813 or fill out our website form.
Check out how easy it is for us to set up and pick up phone charging stations in the video below: