Why A Mobile Device Charging Station Matters

Providing your customers and visitors with a charging service is proven to increase average spend and dwell time.

ChargeBox services also boost customer satisfaction and loyalty while removing the anxiety that can strike when mobile devices are running low on battery.

In many situations customers rely on their mobile device for not only payment but tickets, boarding passes and access to critical applications and other information online.

ChargeBox provides safe and efficient charging, backed by our our patented ‘Smart Lock’ system, so that customers can stay connected for longer.

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Charging services increase footfall and dwell time and are proven to increase customer spend and conversion rates.


An easy to use charging service can reduce low battery anxiety, improve customer experience and encourage return visits.


Keeping your customers and visitors connected enhances their visit and encourages them to share their experience.


Increase brand awareness with full vinyl wraps, decals and LCD displays with optional remote content management.

The 'Smart Lock' System

Our British designed and manufactured ‘lock and leave’ units, secured by our patented ‘Smart Lock’ system, are easy to install, easy to use and easy to manage through our smart, real-time monitoring system giving you:

  • Rapid and stress-free charging for end users

  • Device safety and security fully guaranteed 

  • User privacy ensured (fully GDPR compliant)

  • Usage data capture and reporting