Long-Term Hire

Our phone charging stations are designed specifically for advertising. When you hire from us, the advertising spaces belong to you. Promote your brand or sell the space to sponsors and advertisers, it’s up to you.

ChargedAs provides a fully managed service including:

  • Safe, secure charging for end users.
  • Device safety and security guaranteed.
  • User privacy ensured (fully GDPR compliant).
  • Free delivery on North Island mainland.
  • Set-up and ongoing maintenance included in hire cost.
  • Our onboard telemetry system offers clients the ability to measure ROI through graphs or heat maps showing when and for how long customers are using the charging stations.

If you’d rather provide power banks for free, we have a great range of Volty Powerbank stations that can hold up to eight battery packs.

Free delivery on the North Island mainland also applies to this option, and set-up and ongoing maintenance is included in the hire cost.

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What retailers are saying

Lock and Leave

ChargedAs guarantees the safety and security of all devices locked in our charging stations. Since establishing in 2017, we’ve never had a device lost, stolen or damaged. Our system enables users to safely and securely leave their phone to charge while they get on with their day. In retail environments, this has proven to increase customer dwell time and spend. The patented key-based SmartLock system is user-friendly and provides a high level of security. Users only need to follow two steps to use the lockers: connect and lock, doors will stay locked even during a power cut.

ChargeBox FAST6

ChargeBox MINI

  • Free standing or wall mounted
  • 4 or 6 lockers
  • 19″ LCD screen (ChargeBox Fast)
  • SmartLock, lock and key security
  • USB 2.0 standard high power charging
  • Latest USB 3.1 Power delivery Fast Charge (optional)
  • Full exterior branding

Charging Solutions by Sector

We specialise in phone charging for multiple sectors. Our ‘lock and leave’ units can be standalone or integrated into your environment, helping keep your customers charged and connected. Find out more about overcoming the challenges faced in your sector and the benefits ChargedAs solutions can provide:











Shopping Centres & Retail

As well as reducing customer anxiety and improving the overall shopping experience, our charging stations are proven to increase dwell time by an average of 104%, customer spend by 133% and basket size by 28%. Read the study Here



Alleviate stress in waiting rooms and allow patients and families to stay connected in times of need. Keep children occupied while waiting for appointments and increase staff productivity with no need to deal with charging requests.

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Support mobile ticketing initiatives, app usage and live journey updates. Allow passengers to stay connected and combat low battery anxiety. Drive footfall to retail spaces to increase customer spend.


Corporate & Public

Enable clients, visitors and staff to stay connected. Perfect for large reception areas, a range of solutions to suit the corporate and public environments.



Increase dwell time on campus, reduce anxiety and allow students to study for longer and utilise school or university facilities.


Entertainment & Leisure

Keep visitors engaged and connected. Boost customer satisfaction, build brand trust and help clients avoid “nomophobia” – a state of stress caused by being unable to use or having no access to a mobile phone.