ChargedAs’ ChargeBox phone charging stations and Volty portable chargers are keeping Kiwis connected at venues and events across Aotearoa New Zealand — and we’re continuing to expand nationwide.
You can now pick up and drop off our power banks at any venue on the North or South Island featured on the Volty app map! So you could pick up a Volty charger at a participating Auckland venue and drop it off in Dunedin.
A map of a hand holding a phone plugged into a Volty portable charger with the Volty app map displayed on the screen.
You get one hour’s free charge when you sign up, and prices start from only $2.50 an hour after that.
Download the app and Google Play: Apple:

Low rental costs and free charging

Our mission is to keep NZ connected, so we keep Volty rental costs low.
Prices are capped at $10 a day and after 4 days the power bank is yours to keep for only $40.
If you’re in Auckland, there’s the option of free phone charging with Auckland Libraries.
They provide Volty Powerbanks and ChargeBox phone charging stations for free at 16 different libraries across the Auckland region.

Phone charging stations in demand

Our phone charging stations are hugely popular at NZ events because of their brand power and we’ve been booked out for months, with no lockers available until well into March.

ChargedAs owner Bevan Haswell beside a phone charging station wrapped in branding and a TV ad playing on the in-built LCD.We’ve had great feedback from clients.

They love that we can wrap each ChargeBox in branding and upload videos to play adverts on loop on the in-built 19-inch LCD screen as the charging station drives engagement and more.

Charging station users who are encouraged to stay longer at events with their fully charged phones love the safety and security these lockers provide.

Event-goers often capture memories on their phones, sharing these moments on social media — providing brands with greater exposure in the process.

Safe and secure charge guaranteed

ChargedAs guarantees safe and secure charges for all users.

Since ChargedAs established in 2017, there has never been any phone theft, damage or loss reported to us with these charging stations. That’s despite providing hundreds of thousands of safe charges!

All our phone charging options help drive foot traffic and combat low-battery anxiety that could otherwise turn customers away.

Contact ChargedAs today to get the benefits of our phone charging services at your venue or event: Email, phone 0275 320 813 or complete our Contact Us form.