The return of COVID-19 has seen some events cancelled. We know we’ll be working with those who had to call their events off again once we’ve got through this – as we did before!

It’s great we have so many regular clients in permanent venues across NZ, so Kiwis can enjoy the awesome customer experience our phone charging stations bring.

If you’re seeking a long-term solution to drive foot traffic, dwell time, engagement and more, contact ChargedAs owner Bevan Haswell today.

ChargedAs shares revenue on pay-to-use charging stations, while clients with free-to-use ones can sell locker ad space to sponsors to cover hire costs.

When you hire from us, the advertising space on the phone charging stations belongs to you, including on the 19″ LCD that plays brand messages on loop. Promote your brand or sell the space to sponsors and advertisers, it’s up to you.

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