ChargedAs has events and partner venues across Aotearoa New Zealand providing power bank and phone charging stations as Kiwis prepare to go away this summer.

And we’ll have even more partner venues very soon — so you shouldn’t worry about a flat phone battery when out and about!

ChargedAs shares revenue with long-term clients with pay-to-use options, which cost users less than the price of a cuppa. This is part of our “support local” program.

We set up power bank and charging stations for free.

Volty Powerbanks showcase clients on the app. Users can check out the app map for their nearest Volty venue.

For clients looking to provide free phone charging to foot traffic, dwell time and engagement, we have some great deals on hiring charging and power bank stations for long-term hire.

Our phone charging stations are designed specifically for advertising and can be wrapped in any branding clients want. The ChargeBox Primes also feature an in-built 19″ LCD. Some clients sell the advertising space to cover hire costs, or even turn a profit. ChargedAs takes no profit from this on-sell.

The Primes’ onboard telemetry system offers clients the ability to measure ROI through graphs or heat maps showing when and for how long customers are using the charging stations.

We guarantee the security of all mobile devices left in our lockers and since establishing in 2017 have never had any reports of phones being lost, damaged or stolen.

Our Volty Powerbank stations are a great option for clients wanting to provide free charging on the go and can hold up to eight battery packs.

Contact ChargedAs today to get these benefits at your venue or event: Email phone 0275 320 813 or fill out our form.