Phones are essential to the customer journey and central to strategies employed by brands — from AR gamification to mobile apps.

ChargedAs’ phone charging stations are proven to drive foot traffic, dwell time, engagement and spend while building brand trust for long-term clients.

Our charging lockers are designed specifically for advertising. You can wrap our ChargeBox Primes in branding and the in-built 19″ LCDs play video messages on loop.

When you hire from us, the advertising space belongs to you.

You can promote your brand or sell the ad space to third parties, such as sponsors, to cover the cost of hiring our charging stations — or even turn cash positive.

Any profits made on ad sales are yours to keep.

ChargedAs provides an ongoing fully managed service to long-term clients.

We guarantee the security of all mobile devices left in our lockers — which feature a user-friendly key-based SmartLock system developed by designers at ChargeBox to protect against theft.

Our ChargeBox Primes ensure we have a complete audit trail to prove or disprove any issue relating to security, giving our clients peace of mind.

The Primes’ onboard telemetry system offers clients the ability to measure ROI through graphs or heat maps showing when and for how long customers are using the charging stations.

We also guarantee a safe charge, with privacy ensured. Our phone charging stations are fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

ChargedAs delivers and sets up phone charging stations for free for long-term clients on the North Island. We only charge travel expenses for clients outside the North Island.

Contact ChargedAs today to get this secure service at your venue or event: Email, phone 0275 320 813 or complete our Contact Us form.