As we’re encouraged to use the NZ COVID Tracer app to help us stay safe, it’s more important than ever to ensure we have fully charged phones.
More and more event organisers and venue operators are turning to ChargedAs’ secure charging stations to overcome the problem of drained phone batteries — and to drive foot traffic, dwell time, engagement and encourage people to stay longer.
ChargedAs' phone charging station at the SIX60 Waitangi gig

Event-goers at the recent SIX60 Saturdays Waitangi gig told us they loved how easy to use our secure charging stations are.

The feedback we get is that users like how easy to use the units are, and they love the “lock and leave” option, rather than being burdened with carrying around clunky charging packs.

But if battery packs are your thing, these can be charged in our lockers too!

All devices stay safely locked away until the user is ready to return — even if their time’s run out.
ChargedAs guarantees the safety and security of all devices left in our lockers, along with a safe charge.
Since establishing in 2017, we have never had a phone lost, stolen or damaged in our lockers.
Event organisers and sponsors love our stations not only because they do such a good job of charging phones safely and securely, but also because the lockers are striking advertising billboards.
We provide clients with a template for ad artwork on our ChargeBox Prime models at events, and then wrap the resulting panel ads around the charging stations to drive foot traffic and build brand trust.
We also upload video messages to be played on loop on the event stations’ 19″ LCD screen.
Some clients sell these opportunities to sponsors or other third parties to cover the cost of hiring the charging stations.
You’ll find ChargedAs’ charging stations at events across NZ this summer — including at this month’s Splore Festival.
Our pay-to-use lockers can also feature ads. We provide these lockers for free, share revenue with clients and provide a complimentary, ongoing maintenance service with this option.
We have charging lockers at venues including:
Akdeniz Bar Cafe Restaurant in The Arcade, Devonport;
Jamaica Blue in Manukau Bus Station;
North Shore Hospital;
Waitakere Hospital;
Southmall Shopping Centre.
Trax Bar & Cafe in Wellington Railway Station;
Hutt Hospital;
Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre.
Contact ChargedAs today to get this customer experience at your venue or event and build brand trust.
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