Lock 'n' leave

ChargedAs provides phone charging stations for venues and events.

Our ChargeBox range is proven to drive foot traffic, dwell time, engagement and spend — and we guarantee the security of all mobile devices left in our lockers.

These products do so much more than just charge phones and relieve low-battery anxiety to keep people at events and venues for longer: they’re a powerful marketing tool, building brand trust and loyalty.

Our ChargeBox Primes feature 19” LCDs that play videos on loop and the stations can be wrapped in branding.

You can promote your brand or sell the advertising space to third parties, such as sponsors, to cover the cost of hiring our charging stations — or even turn a cash positive.

These free-to-use stations are a popular choice, so we recommend booking our ChargeBox Primes months in advance — especially during summer months.

Long-term hire

We offer generous discounts for the long-time hire of our ChargeBox Primes and provide a fully managed service.

The Primes’ onboard telemetry system offers clients the ability to measure ROI through graphs or heat maps showing when and for how long customers are using the charging stations.

Pay-to-use charging stations

ChargedAs began rolling out tap ‘n’ go phone charging stations in January 2024. We’re switching all pay-to-use lockers to card only and will be rolling out more of these tap ’n’ go units soon.

Just like our original coin-operated ChargeBox Classics, users will be able to charge their mobile devices for less than the cost of a cuppa.

You can request to become a ChargedAs venue partner and benefit from the increased foot traffic and engagement our stations bring.

We set up these lockers and share profits with clients. We also offer a complimentary maintenance service with this option.


All ChargeBox stations feature key-based SmartLock technology, which enables us to guarantee a safe and secure charge for every device left in our lockers. 

Since ChargedAs established in 2017, no phone has ever been stolen, lost or damaged inside any of our lockers.

This is because ChargeBox designers found a prototype PIN locker to be fundamentally insecure.

SmartLock is simple as well as secure: connect your phone, lock the door. Unlock the locker when you return.

The ChargeBox Primes’ onboard telemetry system reports to the cloud in real time. This provides a record of use that protects end users, our clients and us – all while being fully compliant with General Data Privacy Regulations.

Because all of this technology is on the inside of the units and end users only see the charging cables inside the lockers, it is practically impossible for the system to be compromised by malware etc – unlike common USB ports.

ChargedAs TV

No hire cost, share revenue!

Keeping NZ connected

Classic station locations & regular event clients

Waikite Valley Thermal Pools

Waikite Valley, near Rotorua

Manukau Super Strike

Manukau City

Southmall Shopping Centre


Well Foundation — North Shore Hospital


Well Foundation — Waitakere Hospital



The Arcade Devonport

Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre

Kilbirnie, Wellington

Trax Bar & Cafe

Wellington Railway Station

Hutt Hospital

Lower Hutt


Repeat event client

2 Degrees

Repeat event client

Te Wānanga o Aotearoa

Repeat event client


Repeat event client

Massey University

Repeat event client