We got great feedback from people who used our phone charging stations at a recent Westfield event on how safe, secure and easy to use the lockers are.

Safety and security is fundamental to every ChargeBox locker ChargedAs provides.

There has never been any phone theft, damage or loss reported to ChargedAs since we established in 2017, despite providing thousands of safe charges.
ChargeBox CEO Ian Hobson points out that we have to earn the trust of people who need our charging stations.
“We do that by focusing on the quality of the delivery. Only ChargeBox’s approach to charging and to security can deliver those two pillars,” he says.
“But perhaps more important than all these aspects is ensuring the service is delivered not just on day one, but on day 100.”
The company’s lockers feature key-based smart-lock technology because ChargeBox designers found a prototype PIN locker to be fundamentally insecure.
Quality is important to ChargedAs and ChargeBox. This is a major reason why we steer clear of USB ports — which cannot guarantee the safe charging of devices.
Plus, not all customers like taking their phone chargers with them when they’re out and about, so they’re more likely to go home early.
Our phone charging stations are proven to drive foot traffic, dwell time, engagement, and spend.
Also worth noting is that 72% of ChargeBox charging station users indicated they would return to use the lockers ChargedAs provides again because they’re so happy with the service, an independent study conducted by Ink in a department store shows.
And 92% of users felt positively or very positively towards the brand providing these “shop and lock” phone charging stations, which can be wrapped in brand messaging.
The bottom line for us is to keep Kiwis connected at venues and events across the country and to support other businesses by providing a safe and secure essential amenity: a secure phone charging service.