Southmall Shopping Centre was one of the first malls in Aotearoa New Zealand, opening in November 1967.

This was also the first shopping centre to realise the benefits of providing ChargedAs mobile phone charging solutions for shoppers.

They’ve been providing this customer service since January 2018.

Southmall has more than 50 specialist stores and businesses.

But this organisation is more than just a shopping mall, it’s a community leader.

During the pandemic, Southmall has on several occasions set up free pop-up coronavirus testing sites in its carpark.

This shopping centre often puts on events and exhibitions throughout the year.

And you can capture all the action on your phone without the worry of your phone battery going flat, thanks to the guaranteed safe and secure charging service at Southmall.

ChargedAs is committed to supporting local organisations. We’re celebrating our phone charging station partners on our news page each week to highlight their amazing work.