EDITOR’S NOTE: This offer ended on April 20, but customers who used the old app can now for a limited period get up to 60 minutes of free charge when they download the new app from Google Play or Apple’s App store. Just make sure you delete the old app from your phone first!
SPECIAL OFFER: We have a new Volty Powerbanks app that’s even better than the original and are celebrating with a special offer!
For a limited period, registered Volty users get up to 60 minutes free charging if they delete the old app, download the new app and enter this discount code in capital letters: NEWAPP
If you’re a new customer, download the app to get your first 60 minutes of charging for free!
No need to enter a code if it’s your 1st time using a Volty portable charger.
Volty is New Zealand’s nationwide power bank sharing service, so why not join thousands of Kiwis and download new Volty app to download and get your discount on Google Play or Apple’s App Store:
Google Play — https://bit.ly/3XfFAV2

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