We’re rolling out Volty Powerbank stations to scores of venues across Aotearoa New Zealand.

The ease of this “scan and go” power bank sharing network has proven immensely popular, and users also love the option of picking up a Volty at one venue and dropping it off at another when they’re out and about.

Some users have asked us why we have three charging cables attached to the stations.

This is designed to keep you out of strife when your phone battery is dead.

These cables will charge up your phone just enough to be able to scan the QR code and pop out a power bank.

Our Volty Powerbanks charge way faster than the cables and will ensure your phone gets ChargedAs in no time!

So you’ll never get low-battery anxiety with a Volty Powerbank station around.

Check out the Volty app map for your nearest Volty venue.