In a first for New Zealand, we’re rolling out Volty Tap n’ Go across NZ!

It only takes about 10 seconds to grab a Volty from these stations, which have no app and no QR code.

All you need to do is tap your card, wait for quick approval of the $15 pre-authorisation and the Volty station will release the power bank.

Volty’s three cables ensure you can charge any modern mobile phone or other device (like vapes or earphones).

Revenue share

ChargedAs shares revenue with long-term Volty clients and sets up and maintains stations for free as part of our “support local” ethos. There’s no cost for venues beyond power for the machines, which is minimal.

You can return the power banks to any Volty venue anywhere in NZ. If you have the Volty app (see below), it’ll tell you the nearest one.

It costs only $5 an hour to rent and prices are capped at $15 per day.

After three days, if it’s not returned we’ll just charge $45 and it’s yours to keep!

Whichever option you choose the remainder of your deposit, if any, will be returned by your bank.

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